Friday, February 15, 2013

Cute Chocolates

These are the chocolates that I surprised James with for Valentine's Day. Aren't they cute? This little couple and the house are my favorites. It's me and James! hehe

I made these chocolates from molds that I bought in Seoul. They were too cute to pass up! This was my first time making chocolate with molds and it was really fun. I need to work on tempering my chocolate correctly because some of it bloomed. They were still tasty though and James didn't mind one bit :)

Chocolate candy mold I bought in Seoul :)

Btw, I used Guittard white and milk chocolate and pink candy melts for the details.


  1. cute are these chocolates?!?! Not bad at all for making choco with moulds for the first time:)James must have LOVED these!!!It's amazing how can you find these cute things in Asia,dont you think???? I love the couple and house too, totally represents you and James:D

    Btw,what is pink candy melts?

    And wishing you a happy chinese new year Phuong! Wishing you good health,wealth, and happiness in the year of the snake!!!:D

    take care!


    1. He did! He ate so many of them in one sitting lol.

      I love all the cute stuff in Asia! I cannot find such cute stuff here. The things here are cute but not as cute. Maybe it's a good thing because I would spend all my money! hehehe

      Candy melts is like fake chocolate. Most are vanilla flavored. They come in all different colors and is easily melted and re-melted to make candy pieces. You don't have to temper them (a special way to melt real chocolate) to get a nice shine. I tend to use them minimally since they can be too sweet. They're great when you need different colors though. Here's a link to the brand that I use if you're curious :)Is there something similar in HK?

      Also, have you heard of cake pops from Bakerella? They're so amazing. She uses candy melts to cover and design all of her cake pops too!