Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I almost forgot to share these photos of the gigantic macarons I made for James. He was definitely spoiled with sweets this past Valentine's Day! I made these for him in addition to the cute chocolates and homemade kit kats :)

These were the biggest macarons I've ever made; almost 4 inches in diameter! Here they are compared to my regular macarons. (You can see more of the cute little bear ones and how I painted the gold design here!)

James loved them and it only took one to satisfy his sweet tooth. It has to! It was the size of a small hamburger lol.

I named these humongous macarons MacDaddys! :)

Left one was Orange Grand Marnier and right one was Earl Grey tea

The happy recipient :)


  1. OMG....they are sooo HUGE!!! hahha i like how you compared them to small burgers,lol

    Gosh, they look sooo pretty,Phuong:D You sure feed him well, lol...Question is, did he make/cook anything for you on V-day???lol...

    Btw,i heard in Japan it's their custom for the ladies to give chocolates and flowers to their other half on V-day!!! did u know?

    Hope you have a happy weekend!


    1. He did! He didn't cook but did take me out to a great restaurant. Dinner was amazing. The dessert was so good!! I had orange blossom beignets (I think I'm obsessed with orange blossom! lol) filled with date-orange caramel with a cardamom anglaise dipping sauce. I want to go back just to have the dessert again!

      I didn't know that about Japan. I think Korea does the same thing. The boys then give the girls gift on White Day or something like that. It's pretty funny because here V-day is pretty much for the ladies hehe.