Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

EEek! These turned out so cute! I love them so much! Wishing everyone a wonderful Valentine's Day. Hope these little cute faces made you as happy as I am :)

Like the New Year's macarons, I used edible Pearl Dust mixed with a little vanilla extract to paint the gold details. I "glued" on the heart sprinkles with a bit of melted white chocolate. As for the faces, I made tiny stencils with cute animal craft punches that I bought in Japan. I then place the stencils onto the macarons and filled them in with edible markers. It's really simple. I will make a tutorial post soon :) You can also draw it free-hand if you like but I like how uniform they all look with the homemade stencils.
I also made some heart-shaped ones :)

The whole gang hehe

Close-up of the tiny bear face...too cute!


  1. Happy belated Valentines day!!! These are sooooooooo cute!!! Seriously, you're soo good at these man!!! I wish you could fedex a box over now, lol...oh well, i'll pop over Laduree to make myself feel better, lol

    is it your first time making these bear macarons? what flavor are these gorgeous babies?

    Hope you had a sweet and chilled V-day with James!!=D Were these also for him along with the moulded chocolates??!?!?omg...he's seriously in food paradise, lol


    1. Thanks so much! I wish I could pop over to Laduree myself! Have you tried the orange blossom ones yet? Those are my favs there :)

      Yes, this is my first time making macarons with these designs. I love them so much! hehe They were orange grand marnier flavored. James got to eat these too but I also made him 2 gigantic macarons. I will share pics of those soon lol. I'm glad he has a sweet tooth too or else it wouldn't be as fun for me to bake hehe